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Used this boot on an ascent of the Upper West Rib on Denali in early May 2007. The boot is narrow enough that I could wear only one pair of socks, which was only a problem on summit day, when my toes became a bit too chilled for comfort. They're a great fit for a narrow foot. Generally, these boots performed perfectly on Denali.


1. A great technical climbing boot.

2. Ability to lace up the outer boot without taking my gloves off.

3. Never froze my feet when putting the frozen outer shell on first thing in the morning (provided that I slept with the liners in my bag).


1. Really, really, really expensive.

2. The first rule of not freezing your feet on a really cold weather outing is "Don't take your boot liners off until your feet are in your sleeping bag." These boots confound compliance with that rule. The outer shell has a gaiter "gather" at the back of the top of the cuff, and the shell becomes pretty stiff in really cold temps. When it's really cold, the gaiter thingy makes it virtually impossible to put the liner on your foot (while your feet are still in your sleeping bag) and THEN pull the outer shell on over the liner. Ditto on trying to pull the shell off in cold temps while trying to keep the liner on your foot. La Sportiva should lose the gaiter thingy. Wasted a huge amount of energy 2x daily on Denali struggling to get the boots onto & off of my feet without exposing my feet to super cold temps in the process.

3. The shell's tongue system will brutalize your shins if you lace the upper up too tight.

4. The plastic pull thingy that La Sportiva installs on the end of the shell's single lace WILL break off at the most inopportune time. Be proactive - Cut the plastic pull thingy off & tie a pull loop in the end of the lace.

5. The shell's lace won't last forever. Make sure that you get the replacement lace that La Sportiva supplies with each boot when you buy these boots.

6. The shell won't survive jamming in cracks unless you're wearing a supergaiter. The shell's surface & its lacing system simply isn't durable enough to take that kind of abuse.

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