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I would submit there is a forth category for your consideration. That of the stuff sack turn summit pack. Basically a sleeping bag stuff sack with shoulder straps, and maybe a waist belt and/or daisy chain.

Thanks for another great review MrFlogger!

The Crimper is designed as a stand-alone pack, and the HardWave framesheet is not removable, unlike the Scrambler. The Crimper does roll, but it's awkward and it's not a very tight roll, e.g. not like you would get with a closed-cell foam pad.

For readers new to the concept summit packs generally come in three flavors: a floating top lid that converts to a lumbar/waist pack, an add-on pack like McHale's kangaroo pocket that rides on the outside of the big pack and is basically a pouch with shoulder straps, and a stowable summit pack like the Scrambler that has a sleeve for a sleeping pad to act as a backpanel.

In the last case the pad is optional, but on summit day you should have one for emergency purposes, and although it's not designed to provide any support it will protect your back from hard objects like a stove, fuel canister, etc.

Of all the solutions I like the McHale the best. A kangaroo pocket is usable while you're humping, especially for light-weight/high-volume stuff that you'd like to be most accessible, e.g. down jacket/pants for when you fall in a crevasse and your idiot meatbag oxygen-thief partner is taking forever to set up a haul system. If you're not going above 14K you probably don't need a summit pack.

Dear HeFlogger,

Is the "stout HardWave framesheet" removable? Does it prevent the compressing or rolling of the pack into a smaller size for transport from trailhead to basecamp for means of using as a summit pack?

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