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Even it's not a new model and garmin has released a few new monitors unit, this is one of my favorites...polar is great but this forerunner is very accurate and 99% reliable, i use it even for swimming with great results

There are still a lot of people buying this watch despite the fact that there are newer models available. I have read on several forums that this model is much better at picking up a gps signal than the forerunner 405 for example.

The 310Xt seems to be highly recommended. Just a question though, how does this compare to the ones that Polar or Suunto have released?

I have been using the 305 and was not even aware that 310XT was available. I like the fact that it is smaller. Garmin always seems to be improving. Thanks for the info

I really appreciate the review you have set forth regarding the Garmin 310. Newer and more advanced versions have come on the market including the 405 and the 405xc. What makes these unique is that they use the HRM to calculate calories. Thanks for the info.

Great post! Garmin forerunner is definitely a high performance athletic sports watch. This is ideal for everybody.

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