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your sweat cannot get through the sock to jeopardize your insulation or your feet. While the seams are not sealed, these advanced vapor barrier socks will keep most of the moisture next to your skin and out of your boots.

I used both the insulated and the non-insulated RBH VprTherm Socks on Denali and on some trips in the Swiss Alps. I had no problems with the stitching lines of the insulated socks and I was surprised how comfortable the insulated VprThrm socks were. Funny feeling to step into plastic ski boots with a loose fitting liner and no socks. But especially with the thinner RBH VprThrm Sock I found that after some time of wear and tear in the boots they gradually work less perfect and sweat is working its way through the liner and soaking the outer socks and the liner of the boots. By the way, his happened with any liner I tried so far. So, better go back to the bread bags?

Interested to hear how they work for you in mountaineering boots. I have a pair and tried them in Sportiva Trangos boots, and while they kept my feet warm relatively non-sloppy, the stitching across the top arch/bridge became very annoying after a few miles. I had two hot spot lines on each foot after removing them. Seems to me (sorry for pun) that the stitching should be further off to the sides of the foot bridge/top arch...

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