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I have a t6c for 12 months it works well in the field but usually fails to upload data. Suunto support service is totally useless. Mostly giving answers from FAQ. Last week I tried again through the online support. This is supposed to be answered in 72hrs. After 3 days I put in another request for service refering to the first one. After 5 days I got email saying the issue was closed the service was complete! No actual reply addressing the problem at all. I wish I bought POLAR like my friends. Suunto was a waste.

Yap, been using t6c for few weeks. I run appx. 40 km/week (I use footpod).

On my last three exercises the heart rate monitor failed to gather data. It seemed to work ok on the road, but when data transferred to training monitor there was data only of 10-20 minutes from the start.

This is f%&/ed up, lost a lot of important data.

In Singapore where I live, retailer donĀ“t know a shit about anything and Suunto gives this FAQ marketing bs.

I am from Finland myself, I expect these things to WORK.

Maybe I have to switch to another brand.

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