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FYI, the zippers broke on my Chugach pants as well. While I was climbing. I was not impressed, and even less so during the hike out as I had to hold my pants up with my mittened hands while I hiked. I will let you make whatever jokes you want to make about that, but the bottom line (ha! beat you to it)is that the zippers on these things sucked. I am none too impressed with the replacement zippers that Mountain Hardwear installed, either.

Hi Bob; my climbing partner and I use the Chugach pants exclusively, both on Denali and elsewhere in Alaska, and we love them. He did have a zipper malfunction once, but we fixed it easily in the field. As with most gear, especially lightweight stuff, be gentle and don't crank on it. Apocalypse Design does indeed rock; they fixed my North Face VE-25 after high winds snapped a pole and tore a hole in it.

Piece of crap. The zipper is made of plastic which rips out when tugged in cold temps. Doesn't take much effort.

If you do buy these go to Apocolypse Design in Fairbanks and have them replace the zipper. or just buy their zip up pants to begin with...Folks who live in -40 to -50 during portions of the winter know how to stay warm.

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